Empathic Resonance, LLC

adult, Child & Adolescent psychiatric Consultations & Services

Firas A. Nakshabandi, M.D. 

OUR CORE Mission IS To Advocate for & Promote EMpathy

What: Our vision is to advocate for and promote empathy through public awareness, education, humanitarian work, and mental health consultations & services.

How: Targeting empathy as a core element of both therapy and education for everyone. Integrating a wide range of psychotherapeutic techniques with medication management ensures a completely individualized and holistic approach to care which is critical to our services.  

Why: We sincerely believe a finer mastery of empathy will go a long way in healing us both as individuals and as fellow humans. “Empathy is a path to understanding oneself in the context of others.” – Firas A. Nakshabandi, M.D.

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About the Founder

Founder & CEO 

Dr. Nakshabandi draws from 10 years of psychiatric training experience across a wide range of settings including Harvard Medical School, The University of Chicago, The Department of Veterans Affairs and over 40 different sites across two continents. He is a clinical associate at the University of Chicago, and has extensive knowledge on a wide array of therapeutic techniques, medication management algorithms, and complementary approaches to treatment. His treatment approach is rooted in empathy and strives to heal by evoking it. 

The result is a highly-individualized approach that draws on a wide range of disciplines and tackles the challenges at hand from multiple angles, ensuring the highest probability of success.

"I do not believe that there is just one glove that will fit everyone. I have dedicated almost two decades of my life to learning various treatment modalities because I believe the more tools I have the better I am able to help you, and the more tools I am able to pass on to you the better you are able to help yourself". "Treatment is just the beginning, I want to help you look beyond and to thrive". 

What is Empathic Resonance?