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​By Firas A. Nakshabandi, M.D.

Most people are familiar with the story of the Genie of the Lamp: a supernatural being that when summoned will grant three wishes, made famous by a tale not originally present but later added by Antoine Galland to the book One Thousand and One Nights, also known as The Arabian Nights. The origin of this particular story is from Arabian Folklore, and is likely how the word “Genie” became popularized in the West...

عن التعاطف والضغوط والتحيّز والإنسانية
دائرة الكرب و التعاطف

​By Firas A. Nakshabandi, M.D.

Under federal law, anyone with a history of involuntarily hospitalization for psychiatric reasons is permanently barred from possessing a gun. However, in September the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that the law in question was unconstitutional.

The case centered around Clifford Tyler, who, in 2011, was denied from purchasing a gun after a background check revealed he had been committed to a psychiatric hospital 25 years earlier..

Children were running and screaming down the hallway as the behavioral code was being called on the child psychiatric in-patient unit. Some were cowering in a corner, others were pointing in terror at the wall on which one of the kids was smearing blood he had drawn scratching at his face, tracing out a pentagram to “open a portal to hell”.
Sammy was eleven, and he was a Devil Worshipper. He refused to eat so that his cheek bones would become more prominent...

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   أصبحت الإنسانية على مفترق طرق، وصار العالم متصلاً أكثر من أي وقتٍ مضى. المعلومات وكذلك الناس صاروا يتنقّلون بسرعة مذهلة متجاوزين الحدود مع تقدم الوقت. لكن هذه الوتيرة المتسارعة في الحركة قد أنشأت حركةً مضادة. تنشئ باستمرار مثل الموج عبر ذلك كله أفكار متقابلة مثل القومية في مقابل العالميّة والنظر للداخل مقابل النظر للخارج و الأنا في مقابل النحنُ. الخطوط ترسم بدرجات متفاوتة من الاندماج، والنتيجة أن البشر يتم تصنيفهم وتقسيمهم في مجموعات

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The Genie of the Mind: Jinn, Witchcraft & Psychiatry

​By Firas A. Nakshabandi, M.D.

د. فراس عبدالسلام النقشبندي
ترجمة: د. مشعل الشهري

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